Hello, we’re Friday.

Our mission is to improve the world of work so that we can all work happier - every single day. We’re passionate about making positive change happen for everyone - from the employee to the manager to the CEO (and that all important bottom line of course).

Our team includes statisticians, researchers, psychologists and experts in complex system thinking as well as business leaders and advisors. We’re led by world-renowned happiness expert, Nic Marks who invented the Happy Planet Index, set up and ran the Happiness & Wellbeing unit at the New Economics Foundation and has authored white papers, books and research articles on the subject. Scroll over below to read more about each of us.

I guess I've always been interested in happiness (who isn't!?), but while I was studying Occupational Psychology, I realized how important happiness is in the workplace. And not only for the employees themselves, but for their employers too. That's what led me to Friday.
Angela Miles
Servicing and Projects Coordinator
Early on in my life, I realized that work and living go together and that it’s important to keep these two parts in balance. Friday is a company that not only believes in this mantra but also actively works towards creating harmonious workplaces.
So here I am! 😀.
Gaurav Tiwari
My time spent working for large and small companies and in academia has given me enough experience to know what makes for good and bad work, and for a good and bad workplace. As an application developer, I’m excited to be working with a brilliantly passionate team with the equally wonderful goal of bettering workplace happiness.
Ian Townsend
In 2018 I completed a Doctorate identifying the relational and wellbeing dynamics that mobilise people to work together for change. This research builds from 15 years of research and activism - wondering at the world, all the while seeking to improve it. I developed the Five Ways to Wellbeing framework alongside Nic Marks, which went on to form the foundation of public health advice across the globe and the basis of our framework for Friday. I am a trained facilitator and coach, with a Masters and degree in Psychology.
Dr Jody Aked
My father ran a large family company that made candy (yes, I am Willy Wonka’s son!) and my mother was a family therapist. It seems fairly inevitable then that I would end up working on happiness in the workplace. I bring a range of statistical skills to the pot and a career persuading governments to measure progress better. I am loving creating a great team at Friday who are both happy and high performing.
Nic Marks
CEO . Founder
In 2002 I realised I should be focusing more on happiness in my life but it wasn’t until later that I discovered a framework for doing this. A book by Richard Layard convinced me that happiness was something which could be measured and optimized. This led me on a journey where I met Nic and gave me an opportunity to put my background building online platforms to better use.
Rich Aston
CTO . Founder