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Measure happiness on a team, department and organizational level. Friday brings weekly improvements through guided conversations with your team. Say no to boring team meetings.

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Friday measures employee happiness on a weekly basis, analyses it, and then feeds it back anonymously so that everyone across the organization gets the insights they need.

We guide teams in talking about their Happiness KPI each Monday so they can make their week better. Take a peek below at some of the key features and benefits.

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Weekly Questions

Pulse check in 2 minutes

At the end of each week we ask how happy people were at work. A week is our natural rhythm of working and, by asking every week, Friday helps teams reflect on their experience of working together.

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A real-time dashboard

Each team's scores are fed back to them on their dashboard so they can reflect on what went well during the week and what didn't. This immediate feedback provides the starting point for improving how the team works together.


Simple reports with real impact

We won't drown you with excessive information. Our pulse check and Culture Profile build up data on the core topics that impact happiness at work. We ask a small number of rigorously tested questions so you get a full understanding of your organization. Our reports help you identify which teams are thriving and which need more support, as well as which areas of focus will have most impact in your organization.

Benefits for your whole organization


Friday helps employees better understand their own and their teams happiness. They'll learn what drives happiness, what undermines it, and how they can improve. With anonymous reporting on scores, employees are safe to express how they feel without fear of being singled out.

Team Leaders

Friday helps team leaders manage conversations about the key issues affecting the way their team works together. By dealing with any tricky issues on a weekly basis, Friday helps teams become happier and more productive.

Senior Leaders and HR

Our multi-team dashboard enables senior leaders and HR to see at a glance what has always been hidden - how happy each team is every week. Frontline feedback identifies teams that need support while heat maps and impact analysis surfaces organization-wide issues worthy of your attention.

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