A tailored one-off culture assessment providing actionable insights

Ideal for 100+ employees

$21 (one-off fee) per user
£16.50 (one-off fee) per user
€18 (one-off fee) per user

Top Features

An organization-wide Happiness KPI™ scoring employee experience

An in-depth culture profile based on Friday’s Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework 

A comprehensive happiness report profiling your scores across the organization, with industry benchmarks

An impact report identifying strategic opportunities across 15 core culture topics

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Everything your company needs to understand employee experience and improve performance

Ideal for 50 – 500 employees

$7 user/month
£5.50 user/month
€6 user/month

Top Features

A weekly Happiness KPI™ scoring employee experience

A team building tool that celebrates real-time successes and addresses current frustrations

A quarterly culture profile with advanced impact reporting based on Friday’s Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework 

Regular strategic reviews with our Happiness Experts to interpret your results and identify opportunities 

Real-time dashboards, connecting you and your people at any time

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Customized features and expert counsel for larger enterprises

Ideal for 500+ employees

Ask about our discounted pricing for over 500 people

Top Features

Management training on how to build happy teams

Senior management result presentations and bespoke question design by our Happiness Experts

Expert training for the senior management team 

Unlimited email and telephone support

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Learn with the experts

Happiness is a relatively new area of science influencing organizational development. We'll give our Premium clients direct access to our experts in the science of happiness for a professional perspective on your organization's happiness.