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Happiness Works is now Friday

When we founded Happiness Works in 2012 we wanted to create a way of collecting great data on people’s experience of work and to help organizations become better places to work. Over the last five years we have launched over 5,000 happiness surveys to over 150,000 employees across the world with nearly 10 million data-points gathered.

Perhaps the most important thing we have learnt along the way is that positive change is best supported by regular bite-sized pieces of data that can be used at the team level rather than infrequent surveys.

In late 2016, we started developing a new product that would build on these insights. We wanted to build something that not only measured happiness at work but also gave everyone the opportunity to help improve it. We chose Friday as the name for this new product and our company.

Friday is the working day most often associated with happiness (and statistically it is the happiest day of the work week) but that’s not the only reason we love Friday. For nearly all of us the week defines our rhythm of work and Fridays mark the end of the week and the transition to the weekend. To improve happiness at work there needs to be a strong rhythm to its measurement as well as regular opportunities for teams to discuss their results. We think Fridays are the perfect time to ask people: how happy were you at work this week?

It’s a simple question but one that produces surprisingly powerful data. We know our data predicts business critical outcomes such as people’s performance, their creativity and their loyalty. We also know that if teams regularly meet and discuss their results then they start to naturally resolve their own challenges and become happier as well as more productive.

Friday is designed to both track teams’ happiness and help teams work better together.
Our mission is “to build happy teams for all” and we sincerely hope that Friday will help you do that.

Nic Marks
CEO & Founder of Friday (formerly Happiness Works)