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The story so far:
ProSearch is one of the most trusted companies providing eDiscovery solutions to fortune 500 corporations and their legal departments. In 2014, they hit on the idea that a focus on happiness would help employees thrive in an industry defined by fast-paced technological innovation. On their journey to learn about organizational happiness, ProSearch have worked with Friday to train champions and leaders in the science and the use of happiness data to make improvements. All key drivers of happiness moved “into the green” in 2018, showcasing what can be done when wellbeing initiatives provide skills and data direct to teams so they can act responsively.

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Our experience has been that cultivating happiness can lead to employees who are confident, engaged, and (yes), happy. Happy employees take pride in being experts in their job and are well-suited to collaborate. Our overlapping Communities of Practice ensure people are well-supported to flawlessly execute. Individuals are recognized for their work, which leads to opportunities for growth, which fuels happiness and satisfaction. This engenders a culture characterized by both high performance and low attrition, which allows our team members to develop substantive relationships with our clients.

Dr Gina Taranto, Executive Director and Happiness Sponsor

The world’s leading currency provider

9000+ people

The story so far:
Travelex knows that its customer experience in exchange booths across the globe is driven by how happy employees are at work. To give employee happiness the strategic importance it deserves in the business, Travelex needed a way to ‘see’ and respond to how over 9,000 employees feel in real time. Three years on, Travelex continues to innovate with happiness data, learning that the 20% least happy employees are twice as likely to leave as the 20% most happy. This is a new dimension to predicting business risk.
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Travelex Author
Friday is helping Travelex move away from the traditional global employee engagement surveys. It allows us to use seamless cloud technology to understand how happy our people are. Their system gets to the core of how our employees feel and empowers our managers locally to make a difference to the overall colleague experience using real-time data.

Gareth Williams, Chief Innovation & Transformation Officer

The world’s leading mindfulness app

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The story so far:
Headspace started measuring happiness in 2014 at a time of huge organizational growth. They’ve gone from a 24 person team based in London to a 180 strong one across London and California, with the majority of the team and headquarters now based in Santa Monica. Keen to maintain their culture and happiness through their growth - and understanding that change can be anxiety-provoking for many people - they decided to work with us. And we’re glad they did. Insights from their happiness data have informed investment decisions; they’re now training everyone in the art of giving feedback and open communication. They’ve also used the science of happiness to encourage goal setting around learning new things at work and have taken more of a strengths-based approach to interviewing new employees. They keep telling us how much they love getting the numbers, which is always a pleasure to hear!
These surveys have provided such a comprehensive perspective into how our team was feeling and growing. Sitting down each quarter to review results with our managers and leaders offered valuable insight and highlighted areas that we needed to give more focus to. Knowing that the product is rooted in science and research means that it informs authentic understanding and change that we can believe in. The team is great too, and are always a pleasure to work with!

Tom Freeman, Learning & Development Manager